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Beehive success stories – The Camel Soap Company

Camel Soap Team

What have you done with the funds you raised on Beehive? 

We used funds largely to fund our working capital requirements as well as undertaking a rebranding project.


How has the funding improved the business?

We’re anticipating that the rebranding project will lead to growth in revenue and allow us to tackle some very different markets. The balance of the funds will be used to fund enhanced packaging requirements.



What other support could your business use, aside from funding? 

We are working with partners currently on implementing an aggressive growth strategy for 2020. 



What are your business plans for the next 12 months?

We are planning on doubling output and introducing new product lines geared at the cosmetic market.

    How has the funding with Beehive improve your brand, image or reputation?

I think it’s great to be associated with a brand like Beehive. Certainly being lent money by Beehive gives us credibility as we had to go through your pretty tight due-diligence.


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