Choose to Challenge, International Women’s Day 2021

International Women Day

Each woman working at Beehive has made a choice.

A choice to work in an innovative industry that isn’t backed by vast historical infrastructure, but one that has been designed for the future.

A choice to work for a small business where there’s a flat infrastructure with nowhere to hide.

And a choice to create their own path.

As a professional woman, you get thrown a lot of advice. Some of it helps steer your direction at a pivotal time, and some of it will stick with you for the rest of your life. Of course, some is best ignored!

In celebration of International Women’s Day 2021, I asked the women working for Beehive what the best piece of career advice they’ve ever received was. Perhaps some of it will resonate, or inspire:

“Take advantage of your early career days and be open to learn, benefit from opportunities that come your way, connect with people who can support you and be involved in the business or industry outside your basic job role.”
Nadine Charrouf, Investment Executive

“Be someone people want to work with. Be kind; always. This goes for both personally and professionally.”
Aisling Dunne, Investment Executive

“The best way to gauge success is not by what you achieve, but what you overcome”
Richellyn Gallardo, Operations Lead and Compliance Support

“There’s no substitute for hard work.”
Noora Al Amoodi, Customer Engagement Executive

Now, if you’re feeling inspired to make a difference in a professional capacity, you have to find an industry and type of business that suits you. Here’s why the ladies at Beehive love working in a small business, would it suit you too?

“You’re able to change and improve processes much easier compared to a larger company and you get a lot more exposure to different parts of a business.”
Gita Butzlaff, Compliance Director

“As small businesses have fewer team members, you get a great chance to gain broad experience and less likely to get pigeonholed into a single set of tasks because your company needs support in different areas. Your contributions are far more likely to make an impact and have your work recognized.”
Kryslyn Oliza, Marketing Coordinator

“Working for a small business allows you to build close relationships as it is a smaller team, which I feel is important and I have gained great friends at Beehive because of that.”
Aisling Dunne, Investment Executive

“The best part about working in a small business is the teamwork and bonds that form within the team, since you are all working together to achieve a goal.”
Nadine Charrouf, Investment Executive

As clear from the women at Beehive, a lot of professional life is about creating bonds, forming friendships, mentorships and grasping every opportunity from everyone who inspires or supports you. Finally, we want to share with you who inspires us and why:

“Katharine Budd took a chance on me as a fresh grad when I first met her in London. She hired me into my first job, and then took on a mentorship role as I moved onto other positions throughout my early career. In 2016 she took another chance on me and brought me to Dubai to work as one of the first members of her fintech startup. Some people naturally want to help others succeed and she is one of these people. For her constant support and guidance through my career, I am grateful.”
Bryony Pospodinis, Marketing Manager

“My female role model is a close friend from high school, Jonas. Jonas owns a Korean Restaurant in the Philippines and I witnessed how it started and grew given she’s a single mom with no one to depend on but herself. I saw her struggles, but she created a success out of it, which lead to bigger achievements. The way she handled every difficult situation is what inspires me. Embrace failures, learn from them and keep dreaming to be better tomorrow than you were today.”
Jovee Garcesa, Customer Engagement Executive & Compliance Support

“Definitely my mom, Jovita. She’s an entrepreneur and a mother. Her influence taught me to manage my career and maintain a work-life balance. Since childhood I got a little taste of how life could be and I witnessed how she survived the struggles while juggling work and family.”
Kristine Suico,
Customer Engagement Executive

“Besides my mom, two of my previous female bosses are my role models not just in work, but also life. And for that I asked them to become my godmothers at my wedding.”
Jasmin Oracion, Office Manager

This International Women’s Day think what you can do for other women, whether it’s to give some advice, or let them know that they’ve inspired you. It’s clear that women excel at making and maintaining relationships inside and outside the working environment, as well as juggling their professional and personal life. Take a moment to reflect on the words of wisdom from the Beehive women, and let’s spread it beyond the 8th March and continue to help each other throughout 2021 to build an inclusive future.

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