Lexicon Reading Center – Beehive success story

Lexicon Reading Center provides help for children who learn differently. The aim is to bridge the gap between the conventional learning methodologies and the unique learning styles of students to achieve their potential in academic performance. Read below how Beehive have helped in its growth and the benefits it brought to the company.

What have you done with the funds you raised on Beehive?

The funds were used to establish a new service stream, teachers and education leadership training, upon being approved by KHDA as a teachers training institute. We have also trained our staff to run the free screening campaign for more than 400 students across UAE. That was the basis of winning the Princess Haya Award in April, 2017.

How has funding improved the business?

Expanding the services to teacher training and the screening has increased awareness about the center greatly, which led to recruiting more students in the region such as Saudi Arabia, Oman and Egypt.

What other support could your business use, aside from funding?

PR and getting enough media attention regarding our positive contribution to the community.

What are your business plans for the next 12 months?

Adding a new service that focuses on children with Autism, since we got licensed by CDA (Community Development Authority) to provide the service.

How has the relationship with Beehive impacted your financial accounting practices?

Beehive is a very unique model that supports SMEs in the region. Having dealt with banks, I can see clearly the value Beehive adds, not only in terms of competitive rates, but also the personal attention, prompt response and honest professional advice, which builds trust and mutual respect.

How has the funding with Beehive improved your brand, image or reputation?

You need to be present and visible regularly to clients before they take action and recruit your services. Beehive’s funding has helped us maintain this visibility and run different projects with an appealing value preposition to clients.

Any other comments?

Nothing but THANK YOU!


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