Oliv (formerly InternsME) – Beehive success story

Headquartered in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates, Oliv (formerly InternsME) connects talented students and new graduates to leading employers for internships, part-time and graduate jobs. Read below how Beehive has helped in its growth and the benefits it brought to the company.


What have you done with the funds you raised on Beehive?

We wanted to quickly hire for a few key roles that would help us convert interest into revenue. However, with every new hire, you’re always taking the risk of high ramp up times or performance issues. The funds gave us the security we needed to take more risks to grow.

Our new hires have been fantastic and we’re sustainably growing faster than ever. We have hired 3 new members to our business development team (including one senior member) and 1 person into our marketing team that has led to an almost 50% growth in our month over month numbers. The growth we saw didn’t only come from our new members, but also through the pressure it relieved off the existing team to better nurture businesses.

How has funding improved the business?

Similar to the above, it gave us the breathing room we needed to take riskier decisions for higher returns.

What other support could your business use, aside from funding?

We would love to connect and form more corporate partnerships with B2B companies and semi-governmental organisations like Free Zones, Accelerators, VCs, Business Setup Specialists and more, to help them add value to their customers by finding them top rising talent at scale.

What are your business plans for the next 12 months?

The next 12 months are incredibly exciting for us — with an entire product revamp including tons of new features, new cities and more projects with public organisations. We’ve also been experimenting in the education space and the results look very encouraging.

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