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diversification +

Diversification+ is a tool that makes investing on Beehive even easier. It allows investors to invest small amounts of money across many different businesses to reduce their investment risk. With Diversification+ investors never miss an opportunity to maximize their potential returns by setting their own bidding criteria so that bids are automatically placed on their behalf when new businesses go live on our marketplace. Diversification+ ensures that bids will not get bumped out of an auction while guarantees the highest return possible based upon criteria.


How does it work?

In the Diversification+ screen, investors pre-select a fixed amount between AED 100 and AED 25,000 to invest in the new businesses that are listed on the beehive marketplace, selecting a rate range for each risk band (A, B or C).



When a new finance request idiversificatoin-Graphics listed on the Beehive marketplace, Diversification+ will automatically place a bid on behalf of the investor, starting at the highest rate within the selected range for the risk band associated with the request.
If the bid gets rejected within the 14-day auction period (due to oversubscription of the pending auction), Diversification+ will automatically place a new bid by decreasing the rate by 0.1% below the current highest accepted rate.
Diversification+ enables investors to maximize their returns on Beehive with minimal effort.

Suitability of Requests that you Finance via D+


Please note that no assessment is made by Beehive that any loan or financing selected by the platform is suitable to you.  The choice is automatically made based upon your Automatic Bid Preferences.