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Digital Energy is offering all Beehive members a 30-minute digital strategy discussion with their Founder and CEO or one of their subject matter experts. Digital Energy is also offering discounted access to its AI-powered platform.


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About Digital Energy

Digital Energy craft award-winning digital industrial solutions with a target to do more with less. Digital Energy transforms companies through predictive planning, logistics optimization, and workforce effectiveness. Its impact is measurable in increased efficiency, safety, and transparency.


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Q&A with
Jonathan Broderick

Director of Operations and Partner – Digital Energy 

Why did you choose Beehive for your funding?
We chose Beehive because of its simplicity and speed. As a fast-growing, agile SME, our focus and skills are on solutions, customer experience, and not administration. Beehive’s approach is pragmatic and does not add new layers of complexity.

What did you use your funding for?   
Working capital is often an issue for growing SMEs, like Digital Energy. In our case, the Beehive funding released pressure from our commercial approach so we could close our opportunities faster and accelerate our product development

How did you find the process?   
Beehive’s process does not add complexity – it enables growth. It is a simple and pragmatic process that fits our agile business model very well.

Did COVID-19 affect your business?   
Yes, it did. We entered the COVID period with a backlog of demand, however, because of the pandemic and the global lock-downs, we had to pause the closing of new contracts.

How did you adapt?  
Early on, we decided to focus our energy on product development using the capital, experience, and data we accumulated over the last 5 years. In hindsight that was an incredible decision that has positioned us on the way out of the crisis with an amazing portfolio of clients and exciting opportunities.

How are you operating now and how will you continue in 2021?  
We are in a hybrid mode currently. We still invest a large amount of time engaging and supporting our clients and our team virtually, however, over the last few months, we have seen a healthy increase in our face-to-face external and internal meetings. We expect to increase our critical face-to-face customer time over the coming months.

What has been the biggest challenge throughout this period?  
Facing the uncertainty in early 2020 like most companies, we also observed budget cuts and the need to adapt to the new way of interacting. Despite the excitement around our solutions and unique approach, we had to wait patiently for more clarity in how the pandemic would continue to impact. We can see the light at the end of the tunnel and how businesses are now looking forward to getting back to a degree of normality.

What positives, if any, have you experienced from COVID-19?   
The pandemic period has taught us the importance of human interaction to excel in innovation, and also the strength in focused and efficient delivery from flexible working locations. Having a period of several months where our normal activities, meetings, and conferences were put on hold, the pandemic gave us – as a fast-growing and fast-changing company – the opportunity to re-baseline our organisation, priorities, and propositions.

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