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Jeebly is a tech-driven logistics solution brand. Its tagline ‘Joy in Motion’ represents everything they stand for – whether it’s businesses or individuals, Jeebly’s aim is to spread joy across people, processes and places with its new-age logistic solutions.

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About Jeebly

Jeebly is a one-stop platform that enables quick and reliable delivery of goods anywhere, anytime. Jeebly, which is derived from the Arabic term “BRING ME”, has been operational since 2016, and is headquartered in Dubai, UAE. Its delivery platform is designed with its clients’ business requirements at the forefront and to fulfil the need of the end-users by providing a seamless experience.


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Jeebly CEO and CFO

Q&A with Raman Pathak &
Ram Pashar

CEO & COO – Jeebly

About the Funding

Why did you choose Beehive for your funding?    

We were searching for options online and found Beehive. Their ease of approach, speedy process and most importantly non-complicated requirements were primarily the reasons why we chose Beehive.


What was it like before you used Beehive’s Term Finance?

The availability of finance is crucial to sustaining and growing a business such as ours. We had difficulties finding funds to enhance our technology and expand our service offering to new markets. But Beehive’s digital lending solution allowed us to get funds and put them to good use.


How did you find the process?    

Beehive’s process was straightforward and clear from the moment of engagement compared to conventional funding providers, with whom businesses have to go through an extensive exercise.


What advice would you give to business owners considering funding? 

We would, for sure, advise business owners to actively consider Beehive given the positive experience we have had with them. Beehive has a simplified solution approach overall, and having an uncomplicated procedure is one of its best features.



About the Business

What does your business do?  

We are a tech-driven logistics solution brand delivering joy to our partners as well as individuals, empowering them to seamlessly manage their business and personal shipments, respectively.

We are proud to set new standards with ‘Last Mile Logistics 2.0’ introducing Fast Mile Logistics. Realizing the shift in industry trend from 3-4 days delivery time to same-day delivery, our version 2.0 fast tracks and optimises the entire fulfilment process.


How did the business come to be? 

We saw an opportunity in the UAE in 2017 to build the technology and become a prominent player in the UAE, supporting a long list of marquee clients.

In a short span of just 3 years the company has onboarded key global and regional clients across multiple industries – retail, pharmacy, fashion, consumer electronics etc. within the e-Commerce segment, covering same day and next day deliveries. Our on-demand segment offers services to food aggregators, standalone restaurants, grocery retailers and food chain giants across the region.


What are your business plans for the next 12 months?

The company is growing at an extraordinary pace from 0.1 million orders successfully delivered in 2017 to more than 20+ million orders. Now, we look to grow our business beyond the UAE and Bahrain and are on our way to creating a set of unique propositions for our clientele.

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