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Life Smoothies produces tasty, 100% natural, flash-frozen pre-portioned smoothie sachets available in unlimited, delicious flavor combinations.


Life Smoothies is offering Beehive members a 10aed discount on a box of 10 smoothies (the normal price is 80aed per box) when you place an order via email at [email protected] with the code ‘Beehive’.

About Life Smoothies

Life Smoothies is a fast-growing beverage trading business that has become a market leader within only seven years. The outstanding quality of its product and operational efficiency sets the company apart from competitors and has allowed it to spread its distribution to an enviable network of corporate customers.


Nanette Miessner - Life Smoothies

Q&A with Nanette Miessner

General Manager – Life Smoothies 

Can you give us a brief intro to Life Smoothies?    

Life Smoothies is the leading smoothie brand in the Middle East. We are based in Dubai, in a brand new state-of-the-art production facility, and have a team of over 30 employees. Our concept is convenient pre-portioned sachets of frozen fruits and vegetables that you blend to make a smoothie. We currently sell our product to more than 600 outlets across the UAE, including all major hotel groups, cinemas, gyms, and gas stations. 

Being the only business of its kind in the region, Life Smoothies is delivering the highest quality of IQF natural smoothies and milkshakes that meets the client’s needs.  


How did the business begin?  

I always believed I had something inside of me that wanted to start my own business. I had been living in Dubai for five years working as a transportation planner when I decided that I wanted to pivot and dive into the big ocean. In 2015, we ordered our first container of fruit to Dubai, without any idea of where to start or where to go. We just had to swim. Cut to 2022, we are now the biggest smoothie supplier in the UAE with our own local manufacturing facility, being the largest stockiest of IQF ingredients in the Middle East. 


From all the challenges that a new business could encounter, what would you list as the top three? 

It would most definitely be:  

• Lack of experience
• Lack of funding
• Building the correct team 


How did you find Beehive?    

We found Beehive through a trade show in 2017.

Why did you choose Beehive for funding? 

For us, funding was a problem and banks were not very open to providing loans to smaller companies. When we first reached out to Beehive, we got a small amount of funding, now that we are growing, we could see the increase in funding as well. Also, Beehive’s process is simple and hassle-free! 

What problem did Beehive’s Term Finance solve or improve? 

Beehive’s Term Finance helped us secure stock and pay for shipments. Our co-packing clients require the ingredients to be readily available, therefore we have to stock sufficient raw materials to be ready at all times. 


How did you find the process?  

I found the process simple and straightforward!


What are your business plans for the next 12 months? 

For the next 12 months, Life Smoothies is committed to: 

• Increase production capabilities 

• Introduce new products 

• Retail private label packing 

• Launch a retail brand and build our own cold storage facility 

• And, distribution in Saudi, Bahrain, Jordan, India, Oman and Qatar  


To anyone who is thinking about turning their passion into a business idea, what would you say? 

Go For it! Lack of experience and lack of funding should not stop you. If you want to do something don’t think too much, just put in all your effort and hard work and everything else will fall into place. 

And what advice would you give to business owners considering funding?  

Financing a business with additional funding is essential for the healthy operation of a company. Not only does it improve the cash flow, but it also gives flexibility in terms of purchasing timings and capacity. 

I would definitely recommend Beehive as a source of funding. The funds offered, together with the convenient payment terms and balanced interest rates make Beehive a really attractive option for any entrepreneur who requires capital to expand their business. 

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