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About Três Marias

Três Marias Coffee Company is a coffee brand based in Dubai, creating high quality products for the coffee industry. These products include locally roasted 100% arabica coffee beans, barista plant-based alternatives for coffee (Oat, coconut, soya, almond), specialty coffee popsicles, instant coffee and Nespresso compatible capsules. 

Tres Maria Founder - CEO

Q&A with Maria Pavani

Founder & CEO – Tres Marias Coffee

Can you give us a brief intro to what Tres Marias do?
Tres Marias Coffee exists to transform the coffee experience in people’s lives. We are an innovative brand supplying high quality coffee products to B2B and B2C, from green coffee, to roasted coffee, barista plant-based milk and coffee popsicles.


How did the company start?
After 12 years in the business, of which 10 were spent in Dubai, I saw a chance to address coffee in a new way. In the MENA market, there was a need for a coffee company that offers more than just “roasted coffee beans” and has a voice. We established a DMCC trade license, with me as the first employee. Four years later, we had 21 team members, and our products were sold throughout the GCC.


From all the challenges that a new business could encounter, what would you list as the top three?
When it comes to the top three challenges that a new business may encounter, as a first-time entrepreneur, I would say the following:

Financial Management: Initially, I had limited knowledge of financials, but over the past four years, I dedicated myself to learning the fundamentals. This has been crucial for the success and growth of the business.


Navigating Uncertainty: The business experienced significant growth during the pandemic, which presented unique challenges in understanding the direction we should take. To adapt, we embraced innovation and expanded our product offerings, which proved to be successful and continues to shape our path forward.


Team Building and Alignment: Assembling a team that shares the company’s vision and values has been a demanding task. From making hiring mistakes to personal growth as the CEO, I have strived to be at my best to inspire and guide the team towards achieving our vision. It’s an ongoing process that requires constant effort and refinement.
These three challenges have been instrumental in shaping our entrepreneurial journey, and we continue to work on them as we progress and evolve.  


How did you find Beehive?
I discovered Beehive through a friend who is both a fundraiser and investor on the Beehive platform. As I was exploring different ways for small businesses to raise funds, Beehive’s name came up in my research. It caught my attention, and I decided to delve deeper into understanding its offerings and potential benefits for businesses like mine.


What problem did Beehive’s Term Finance solve or improve?
Before using Beehive, our business faced challenges with cash flow. We were seeking external funding to support our operations and fuel our growth. Beehive provided the perfect opportunity for us to raise funds at a crucial moment.

The funds we raised on Beehive were instrumental in addressing our cash flow challenges and seizing a significant business opportunity. With the funds provided by Beehive, we were able to execute our plans and capitalize on the opportunity that arose. The timely and accessible funding from Beehive allowed us to continue pursuing our passion and drive the business forward with the necessary financial resources.


Why did you choose Beehive?
We chose Beehive for funding due to several key features that made it the right fit for our business. Firstly, the team at Beehive was incredibly supportive and guided us through the entire funding process. As first-time fundraisers, their step-by-step assistance was invaluable in helping us navigate this new territory.

Additionally, the process with Beehive was much more streamlined and accessible compared to traditional bank loans. The high interest rates and extensive requirements of bank loans made them impractical for our small business. Beehive provided a more manageable and supportive experience, tailored to the needs of small businesses like ours.  


What are your business plans for the next 12 months?
Over the next 12 months, our business plans involve expanding our partnership with Noon 15 Minutes for fast coffee delivery in Dubai and growing our Barista Plant Based Milk business to meet the rising demand for plant-based alternatives. These projects align with our goal of providing exceptional coffee experiences and catering to evolving customer preferences.

To anyone who is thinking about turning their passion into a business idea, what would you say?
Turning your passion into a business idea requires dedication and hard work. Embrace your entrepreneurial spirit but be realistic with your business plan and manage expectations. Stay resilient and adaptable on your journey to success.


And what advice would you give to business owners considering funding?
My advice to business owners considering funding is to carefully assess the needs and stage of their business. Explore the various funding options available in the market and choose the one that aligns best with your specific requirements. For Tres Marias Coffee, Beehive proved to be the ideal choice at the time, providing the necessary funds to support our business goals. 

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