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Invoice Finance Limit


Please read below for information regarding the Invoice Finance (IF) limit. If you have any further questions, please contact us at team@beehive.ae or call +971 4 550 6700.



Can I set the IF limit lower?


You cannot set the limit lower than 10% but we are looking to offer a lower option to investors by December and we will be reviewing the 10% exposure frequently over the next six months.



Can I set the IF limit higher?


We do not recommend setting the limit higher but if you contact us, we can do so.



Does the IF limit take my Business Finance investments into consideration?


No it does not – this only includes your IF allocation.



What other developments have happened to IF recently?


We increased the top rate to 1.35% in March 2017 to reflect the increased demand for the product. The average rate set by investors is currently 1.1% per 30 days.


We updated the layout of the screens for setting your IF parameters to make it easier to navigate.


As part of our ongoing service we conduct regular reviews and analysis of all borrowers and their facility limits.