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Diversify your portfolio, access your cash

The secondary market allows investors to get immediate liquidity by transferring outstanding finance parts to other investors on Beehive. It enables investors to diversify their investment portfolio by accessing previously closed investment opportunities. It is a great way for new investors on Beehive to quickly build a diversified portfolio.


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Grow & diversify your portfolio

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Generate liquidity

How does it work?

Investors on Beehive’s marketplace hold finance parts of an overall financing facility with a specific rate related to them. These parts can be sold, by transferring the outstanding capital to another Beehive investor on the Secondary Market, before the finance parts reach their full term*. Finance parts can be transferred as soon as the first repayment has been processed successfully. Investors start accruing returns immediately on transferred finance parts.


How is it calculated?

Profit is calculated to the day and so the actual amount you receive will depend upon when the business finance part is transferred. The transfer price for finance parts will be the outstanding principal amount plus accrued profits, plus or minus any seller/buyer fees agreed between investors. Whilst the profit element of the business finance part is calculated to the day, the APR figure shown is calculated using the remaining full months of repayments.



*Sale of finance parts on the secondary market is not guaranteed and is dependent on investor demand.