Our investors are earning 10% average ARR*

Businesses save up to 30% on cost of finance

If you’re a business looking for fast, low cost finance or an investor seeking attractive returns, find out more


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Coffee Planet - Beehive Customer

Beehive is MENA’s first regulated peer to peer lending platform

We directly connect businesses with investors who can support SME growth plans.

Our platform uses innovative crowdfunding technology to eliminate the cost and complexity of conventional finance. The result is a more efficient, streamlined process that provides UAE businesses faster access to low cost loans and investors attractive monthly returns and diversified risk.


Beehive is the first peer to peer lending platform to be regulated by the DFSA. Join the 7+k investors who are already registered and help provide low cost SME finance to UAE businesses. It’s easy to get started, register now and invest from AED100 into creditworthy SMEs.

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Beehive Business Benefits

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Peer to peer finance has been around for roughly a decade, but it hadn’t existed in the Middle East until the launch of Beehive, a new business that aims at securing financing for small businesses in the UAE.
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Across the world, fintech has attracted large amounts of investment and even more attention. Craig Moore started his P2P lender in Dubai in 2014. Beehive lends to small businesses and has lent $13m to-date.

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Beehive has quickly become the UAE’s leading online marketplace for P2P finance. Platforms such as Beehive have an important role to play in shaping the future.

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Peer to Peer lending platforms (like Beehive) have emerged as a potential “game-changer” for regional SMEs

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we are proud to be recognised by our industry

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DMCC Awards: Finance Award 2016 - Best Marketing Campaign 2016

People’s Choice: Entrepreneur of Year 2016 - Entrepreneur of Year 2015

SME World Summit: Start-Up Business 2016

Gulf Capital: Entrepreneur of Year 2016 - Start-Up of Year 2015

Fintech Innovation
of the Year 2017

Finance Award 2016

of the Year 2016


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of the Year 2015

Great businesses funded on Beehive

Jon Barber - Beehive Investor

Beehive is changing the face of personal investment in the Middle East. The platform opens up the world of Angel Investing to individuals for the first time. Not only does Beehive deliver unbeatable returns, it also allows you to place your money directly with local SMEs, who are using the funds to grow their business.”


 Jon Barber,

Beehive Investor

Daniel Zywietz - Enewhere CEO

Enerwhere raised AED 1 million on Beehive in just 5 days!

“Beehive do all the things that you would expect the bank to do, the big difference is speed. We had the money in the bank 2 days after the auction closed. We did one of the largest transactions on the platform, it was successful, and we believe we can raise more this way.”


Daniel Zywietz

CEO of Enewhere

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*based on average gross return.
Risk warnings:
The experienced credit team at Beehive rigorously assesses every application and only lists creditworthy, established businesses on the platform. Whilst we typically list established businesses, we may also list some early-stage businesses and lending to these may involve higher risks. You are lending to SMEs and need to be aware of the risk of default which could result in the loss of all or part of your investment. You may also experience delays in being repaid. As a lender, you should decide on your own risk parameters and diversify investments to limit risk. While we offer a secondary market, there is no guarantee that a loan part offered for sale will be purchased and therefore you may not be able to exit your investment early.  Find out more about our risk assessment here.
The risk band classification we provide on a business finance request is only a guideline and you will need to evaluate the creditworthiness of a Business. Read more here. The financing contract will be directly between you and the Business. Beehive is not party to the contract and you make bids and financing on Beehive entirely at your own risk. Any bid you place will be final and binding unless certain conditions are met as set out in paragraph 6.3.6 in the Terms and Conditions for Investors. If in doubt, you should seek independent financial advice before placing any bid. In the unlikely event that Beehive ceases to exist, lenders may lose part or all of their money, incur costs or experience delays in being repaid.