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Business testimonials

We’ve had some fantastic feedback from our valued clients. Here is just a selection of some of the reviews our business and investor community has provided. If you would like to share some feedback with Beehive, please contact us at marketing@beehive.ae


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Peter Davos

“Beehive helped provide me with the short term financing I needed to more than double my team members and roll out new product lines, helping accelerate my growth at a crucial period. A great resource for entrepreneurs seeking to secure financing at reasonable terms for the short term. I was impressed by their professionalism, responsiveness and transparency. Their rates are competitive and their processes are seamless. I would highly recommend them, they are a much needed resource in the UAE!” 

Peter Davos, Founder & CEO Hale Education

Stevi Lowmass

“My business got a great deal on Beehive. Minimising costs is critical for any small business, but this was beyond all expectations and means I can now use the funds saved on the interest to help grow the business. I would certainly recommend Beehive to other businesses. Its fast, easy and has made a huge difference to my growth plans.” 

Stevi Lowmass, Founder, The Camel Soap Company

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“Since debt financing wasn’t easily available through the banks, we tried the 21st century method of crowdfunding and it went very, very well. Beehive do all the things that make sense, and that you would expect the bank to do. The big difference is speed. We had the money in the bank 2 days after the auction closed. We did one of the largest transactions on the platform, it was successful and we believe we can raise more this way.”

Daniel Zywietz, CEO, Enerwhere


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Mustafa Koita

“Beehive is a solid platform, created by great people, enabling SMEs with needed support – when they need it the most” 

Mustafa Y. Koita, Founder & CEO, Koita Organic Foods

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Shatha Alhashmi

“The account management provided by Beehive has been stellar, and it makes working with Beehive significantly easier than working with a local bank. There is a proactive can-do attitude from Beehive that is truly refreshing as a growth partner in our business.”

Shatha Alhashmi, Owner, Babysouk.com

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David Cook

Beehive enabled us to secure our financing through a transparent and quick process. We also achieved a lower rate and significant savings on our cost of finance.

David Cook, Founder, Project Partners

Wadih Haddad

“Beehive examines the people behind the business, as well as the business itself. Their due diligence gave me complete confidence to invest in other businesses on the platform myself.”

Wadih Haddad, Founder & CEO, The Box Self Storage

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Jean-Michel Gauthier

“The fundraising process with Beehive was really simple and straightforward, taking just a couple of weeks from start to finish. Raising with them has allowed us to execute our growth plans ahead of schedule and we recommend it to any other SME that’s looking for quick and cost effective financing.”

Jean-Michel Gauthier, CEO at Oliv

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Lexicon Reading Center

Beehive is a very unique model that supports SMEs in the region. Having dealt with banks, I can see clearly the value Beehive adds, not only in terms of competitive rates, but also the personal attention, prompt response and honest professional advise, which builds trust and mutual respect.

Rania Anis Bin Taleb, Founder, Lexicon Reading Center

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Dany el Eid

“Beehive came at the right time because we didn’t want to go to the banks. Beehive was able to secure us quick access to capital and give us more breathing space while we raise more long term investment.”

Dany el Eid, CEO, Pixelbug

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David Dimmell

“We found the Beehive process to be customer friendly, easy to execute, and swift. Beehive is making a very valuable contribution to the SME community in the UAE.”

David Dimmell, Managing Director, GENYX

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Robert Jones

“We chose to partner with Beehive as Coffee Planet is a big fan of innovation and technology and this is an innovative financial product that is fast gaining traction as an accessible and credible resource for SMEs. Due to the nature of the Beehive model, this makes the process much quicker as a lot of paperwork is reduced compared to traditional bank lending.“

Robert Jones, Managing Director, Coffee Planet

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Sassan Dieter Khatib-Shahidi

“Beehive met all our expectations; fast and great rates. What we love most is the support by more than 120 investors who trusted us.”

Dr. Sassan Dieter Khatib-Shahidi, CEO, German Imaging Technology (GIT)

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Dr. Tariq Jbarah

“Beehive is the first I witnessed across the region which uses the right formula and asks the right questions. The result is continuous growth and a leading position in contributing to the local economy.”  

Dr. Tariq Jbarah, Managing Director, Octopian

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Nathan Furlong

“We are really grateful to Beehive as they put the trust in you to know your own business and why you need the funds but ultimately the money comes quickly and a much reduced rate compared to the banks. Its also a really positive culture where investors and businesses alike can support each other.”

Nathan Furlong, Owner, Desert Chill

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