Finance Raised
on Beehive

AED1 Billion

How Beehive financing has performed by year of origination

These charts show how financing originated by Beehive is performing across Term Finance (TF) and
Working Capital Financing (WF). This is shown by the year of origination (ie when they were written).

The returns are based upon the actual rate written and are updated when a financing line is defined as
a default. We note that the net return for 2015 excludes one line which was covered by Beehive.

Information on finance written by year of origination

The table below provides additional information on the amount (aed) and number of financings that Beehive has
originated by year. It also details the amount repaid to date and defaulted lines and NPLs (non-performing loans) which
is defined as any line which is >90 days overdue but not classified as a defaulted line.

See a detailed summary of current NPLs here

Actual and Forecast Bad Debt rate by risk band


The table sets out Beehive’s estimate of blended bad debts by risk across a fully diversified portfolio and compares it to the platforms results to date. The rates set out above are the capital losses and are a combination of the number of loans that may default and the amount of capital outstanding at default. The forecast rates are based on historical default statistics applied to our current outstanding loan book.

What People Say About Beehive

We are really grateful to Beehive as they put the trust in you to know your own business and why you need the funds but ultimately the money comes quickly, and a much-reduced rate compared to the banks. Its also a really positive culture where investors and businesses alike can support each other.

Nathan Furlong, Owner, Desert Chill

What People Say About Beehive

Peer-to-peer finance is a great concept and investing on Beehive has allowed me to earn attractive returns compared to conventional investment channels, with full control over my investments and establish a more diversified portfolio in terms of investment type and risk. It also feels good knowing that I am supporting SME growth in the UAE with my investments.

Patrick Rogers

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