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How Beehive financing has performed by year of origination


These charts show how financing originated by Beehive is performing across Business Finance (BF) and Invoice Financing (IF). This is shown by the year of origination (ie when they were written).



The returns are based upon the actual rate written and are updated when a financing line is defined as a default. We note that the net return for 2015 excludes one line which was covered by Beehive.

Information on finance written by year of origination

The table below provides additional information on the amount (aed) and number of financings that Beehive has originated by year. It also details the amount repaid to date and defaulted lines and NPLs (non-performing loans) which is defined as any line which is >60 days overdue but not classified as a defaulted line.



Data as of 01 Oct 2017, the data will be updated at least on a monthly basis.