“The Beehive process was very transparent with a clear timeline, making it much more professional, robust and also quicker and cheaper.”

Vishaal S. Shah, CEO, Panache International, Dubai

Peer to peer lending on Beehive

Peer to peer (P2P) lending is a form of crowdfunding and refers to investors providing finance to businesses without the use of a conventional intermediary, such as a bank. P2P lending uses the internet as a platform to reach a crowd of hundreds of potential investors.


Small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) represent a large percentage of many developed economies but they can often find challenges in securing finance from conventional sources, such as banks.

New technology in finance has created the fintech (financial technology) industry. Fintech businesses are online businesses that provide services in a faster, cost effective and more streamlined manner. Innovative alternative finance, such as peer to peer lending, aims to help plug the SME finance gap.


It is already a proven and highly successful concept in the US and UK, where it has created exciting new opportunities for investors, faster access to finance for SMEs and a healthy contribution to economic development. Global P2P lending is forecast to deliver $300 billion by 2020.

Our process

On Beehive, our online platform directly connects creditworthy businesses looking for funding with investors looking to support their growth.

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All approved business funding requests are listed on the Beehive marketplace for 14 days. During this time Beehive investors place bids of different amounts at a fixed rate based on risk band and tenure, providing investors with the exact rate of return matching our assessment of risk.


If the business is 100% funded before 14 days, they can take the money early.

How it works

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What our customers says

Jan Hendrick - Beehive Investor

“The Beehive platform offers a clear win-win: the opportunity to support the growth of SMEs, and the local economy, as well as achieving attractive returns in a low interest environment. I really like the functionality & transparency of the platform; it’s very convenient and easy to use.”

Jan Hendrik

Beehive Investor

Ravi Bhusari

“Beehive provided us with a cheaper, quicker and more flexible loan. As a result, we saved around 30% on our financing costs. That means we could spend more time on growing our business and less time on red tape.”

Ravi Bhusari

Co-Founder & Managing Director
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