Islamic investors can benefit from P2P finance and have complete confidence their values are respected

Beehive operates an Islamic Window and is regulated by the Dubai Financial Services Authority under license number F003177.

P2P & Islamic Finance


Peer-to-peer finance (P2P) aims to build a community of investors and businesses where risks are shared and capital is channelled into real economic activity that benefits the community. Essentially, P2P follows the basic Islamic principle of sharing risk for profit rather than the model used by banks which is transferring risk for profit. Islamic finance complies with the principles of Sharia (Islamic Law); money must be used in a productive way and generating return on your money must be through legitimate and ethical trade or investment which includes an element of risk. 


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Beehive Sharia Processing


Beehive has worked with prominent Islamic legal advisors, and Islamic finance industry experts to develop a structure that allows us to process investments in a Sharia compliant way. All businesses applying for finance are meticulously checked to ensure that the business activity and use of funds comply with the principles of Sharia. If the business activity and use of funds comply, Beehive identifies the request as “Sharia Processing” and Islamic investors are able to place bids on the marketplace. Any finance requests that do not comply with the principles of Sharia are processed as a conventional finance structure, restricting Islamic investors from bidding on the request.

“As the first independently certified P2P finance platform in the world, we are proud to offer Islamic investors the opportunity to ethically invest in some of the most innovative SMEs in the UAE.” Craig Moore, Founder and CEO of Beehive.




 Commodity Murabaha

Beehive processes all “Sharia Processing” finance requests through the UAE based award-winning “DMCC Tradeflow” Commodity Murabaha platform. “Murabaha” is a commodity-backed transaction that allows Islamic investors to buy and sell commodities at a profit on a deferred payment basis.

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Business issues Promise to Purchase for commodities
The Investors issues a purchase offer which the commodity supplier accepts and ownership of the commodities are transferred
The Investors issue a Murabaha which the business accepts and ownership of the commodities are transferred from the Investors to the Business. Payment of cost price plus agreed profit is deferred and split into monthly installments
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Once the Business has acquired the commodities, they are able to instantly monetise the value of the commodities through DMCC Tradeflow




 Shariyah Review Bureau Certified


The world recognised and respected, Shariyah Review Bureau (SRB), together with their team of esteemed Sharia scholars, have reviewed and certified the “Beehive Sharia Processing” in terms of operational processes, documentation, business activity and relationship management. The certification makes Beehive the first P2P platform in the world to independently confirm its processes are compliant with Sharia principles.

“We are pleased with the confidence Beehive has placed in our comprehensive Sharia supervisory services and we look forward to helping them further develop their Islamic finance offer.” Yasser S. Dahlawi, CEO at SRB

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Beehive’s Sharia Supervisory Board

Beehive has a Sharia Supervisory Board (SSB) that opines on all Beehive’s products and any amendments that are made to existing products.  The SSB comprises of three experienced scholars:

Sh. Muhammad Ahmad


Sh. Muhammad Ahmad

Shaikh Muhammad has over ten years of experience as a Sharia consultant and academic in various parts of Islamic finance.   He has worked predominantly in financial services along with retail and investment banking and has expertise in corporate advisory and real-estate funds. Sheikh Muhammad works extensively

with leading global and domestic financial institutions across the GCC. His work ranges from redesigning conventional Sukuks, organizational structures of funds in the banking, insurance and private equity sector. He procured his Masters (A’alamiyah) in Fiqh and Usool ul Fiqh from Jami’ah Ahsan Ul Uloom and procured Bachelors in Islamic sciences from Jamia Dar-ul-Uloom.

Dr. Salah Fahad
Dr. Salah Fahad Al Shalhoob

Shaikh Salah is a Sharia scholar and has led a broad range of engagements in the US, Europe and the GCC with a focus on banking and investment products, real-estate acquisitions, Islamic Insurance management, listed securities and private equity fund. His product based experience spans sukuks, home mortgages, leasing, SME Financing and asset management transactions.  He is an Assistant Professor at Islamic & Arabic Studies College of Applied Studies at King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals & has written several research papers.  Shaikh Salah is a Sharia scholar who procured his PhD from Edinburgh University (UK) and Masters from Al Imam University (KSA).

Mufti Irshad


Mufti Irshad Ahmad Aijaz

Shaikh Irshad completed his Takhassus in Ifta, Phd in Jamia Dar-ul-Uloom; a leading institute of the world-renowned Mufti Muhammad Taqi Usmani. He is also a candidate of M Phil in Islamic Finance & Banking. Apart from being a member of Shari’ah Advisors Forum formed by State Bank of Pakistan for developing and implementing Shari’ah Standards for Islamic Financial Institutions he also leads the Task force for Islamic alternatives for agricultural finance; and the Committee for review of AAOIFI Shari’ah standards on Mudarabah. He is also a visiting faculty member of Iqra University, National Institute of Banking and Finance, a subsidiary of State Bank of Pakistan, Centre for Islamic Economic, and Sheikh Zayed Islamic Center.

Annual Audit and Review


The Shariyah Review Bureau undertakes an annual audit of Beehive’s transactions and provides Beehive and the SSB with a report and certificate.


SRB are a member of the Accounting and Auditing Organisation for Islamic Financial Institutions (AAOIFI) and follow SIFI No 2 for their reviews.

Client Monies Account and Comingling


Client Monies are held with Emirates NBD in an independent and segregated client monies account. Additional information on Beehive’s client monies can be found on our FAQs page under the Sharia Processing section.


All Beehive’s Sharia funds are comingled with Beehive’s conventional funds in the Emirates NBD client monies account. However, we note that if you choose to invest only in Sharia requests then as an investor, you will only see the Sharia compliant requests.


No interest is received on Beehive’s client monies account.