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Beehive success stories – Octopian


What have you done with the funds you raised on Beehive? 

The organisation is growing rapidly and we are being invited to bid for critical country level IT and Telco projects with a value of more than the previous total year. This requires massive initial investment and the utilisation of cash flow as a trigger and engine for future growth.


How has the funding improved the business?

Funds are used to cover ad hoc tendering and local contractual requirements that will allow the company to grow on a national level, covering critical country wide projects. 


What other support could your business use, aside from funding? 

Successful business requires tighter partnership with different stakeholders. The main organisation is an operational party, backed up by professional a financial institution that can provide needed funds plus a need for additional consultancy and structuring advisors.


What are your business plans for the next 12 months?

Additional major local & international accounts were added to our portfolio, such as Etisalat, Du, Alibaba and Airtel. As such, the business is expected to be double the previous year’s revenue. 


How has your relationship with Beehive impacted your financial accounting practices?

Beehive uses a focused organisation oriented evaluation technique through understanding the business and its potential growth, not ignoring key financials reports and indicators.


How has the funding with Beehive improve your brand, image or reputation?

We were always committed to delivering services on time with the best quality, which requires initial investment and availability of cash flow. This allows us to deliver customer needs at a consistent standard, independent from customer payment terms and behaviour in the market. Such standards can be maintained if cash is available to stretch the endurance of operation beyond market fluctuations. 

In addition, the availability of funds has allowed Octopian to penetrate bigger market segments by being present in bigger tenders and contractual engagements. 


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