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Mark Griffith - Beehive

At Beehive, we work closely with our customers to ensure we continue to offer innovative products and excellent service. We recently sat down with Mark Griffith, a member of the Business Development team who works directly with our clients, to share information about his background and role in supporting the SMEs.

Hi Mark, thanks for taking the time to sit with us. First off, when did you join Beehive and what made you decide to work here?

I joined Beehive in March 2020, however, before that, I came from a client-facing background with broad experience in the financial services industry. The role suited my capabilities in terms of assessing KYC suitability and creditworthy businesses.

There are various reasons I wanted to join Beehive, but to be short and sweet I had previously seen a lot of very positive media on Beehive since its conception. I came across various achievements and the partnership with the MBRF which I found very interesting. More importantly, I loved the idea of being able to support SMEs and provide a return on investment for Investors.

I agree! SMEs are the key players in a country’s economy, so they must get all the support they need especially during these trying times. Can you tell me what do you do at Beehive?

I am in the Business Development Team. My team focuses on providing eligible SMEs access to finance along with some marketing promotions. This allows them to continue their operations, pay the bills, and try to make operational improvements or expand if possible. My role involves sourcing new potential clients whilst maintaining relationships with current clients and collating financial documentation for the credit assessment.

Sometimes unfortunately, we can’t provide finance for SMEs because of the risk associated and we are also obliged to protect investor’s funds.  

So, in these instances, it’s my job to explain to the customers why we’re unable to provide funding, giving them a chance to rectify the issues and improve their business operations for potential future funding.

What would you say is your favourite part of your job?

I would say my favourite part is dealing with the various businesses out there, working with the clients, and providing support to them when it is possible – however, this is all dependent on how creditworthy the company is and if they will pass our credit teams’ stringent assessment.

What do you factor in when deciding whether a business is creditworthy or not?

The most important questions to ask when determining how creditworthy the business is are about a business’s credit history, revenue, and profitability to find out how their finances are being managed. It is also necessary to have a logical approach at times when the economy is faced with a pandemic, you can determine which industries will prosper and which will suffer. Therefore, it is important to try to identify which SMEs will be sustainable.

Let’s talk about you and the Beehive team. As a new member of the team, what’s one thing that surprised you about working at Beehive?

I would say there is a lot of trust and support provided by everyone, which is nice to see. 

What is the culture like on the team?

The team has a very open culture that is proactive and diversified. We all work towards a common goal. And most of all, the work environment is pleasant and enjoyable.

Can you share your go-to productivity trick?  

An Americano whilst listening to a specific playlist designed for focus on Spotify with my earphones in – it never fails!

No doubt about it! Who doesn’t love coffee?! What do you enjoy doing when you are not working?

I like to keep fit and I train most days, and I also play a lot of football with friends. At the weekend, I get active with some outdoor activities – more recent days out include Dune buggies in the Red Sand Desert, Hatta lake road trip & some water activities. I try to fit in some reading time and get myself updated with the current market situation as well.

Can you tell us an interesting fact about yourself?

I am quite the adrenaline seeker – with skydives and Bungee jumps completed on several occasions around the world!

Awesome! Before we end the interview, what’s going well in your role? Any wins this week?

Well, there is a big win or two on the cards, one has been credit approved. Things have been slower since I joined in March due to Covid-19, so I’ve been eager to get a big win over the line.

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