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Dave Thackray, CTO, Tarkeeb

First business funded under newly updated Dubai SME capital guarantee scheme

Dubai-based telecommunications company, Tarkeeb has become the first small or medium sized enterprise (SME) to receive funds facilitated by Beehive under the recently renewed and expanded guarantee scheme with the Mohammed Bin Rashid Fund for SMEs (MBRF).


Dubai SME allocates AED 20 million to guarantee capital for SMEs through The Fund & Beehive partnership

The guarantee pool will enable more SMEs and investors to leverage financial technology to support business continuity and growth while also stimulating economic growth.


Meet the Administrative Team – Jasmin Oracion

Hear from Jas, Beehive’s Office Manager, to discover how she keeps operations running smoothly in our latest ‘Meet the team’ interview.


Celebrate Ramadan with great offers from the SMEs you have helped fund

Every year, across the world, the Holy month of Ramadan is celebrated by bringing people together. The Covid-19 pandemic has meant that people may not be together physically, but we can all be joined digitally. These unprecedented circumstances have provided even more emphasis on the spirit of community and supporting each other even when we have to physically stay apart.

Businesses are harnessing the spirit of giving throughout Ramadan to bring our community closer together while maintaining social distancing.

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Managing an SME in a time of Crisis: Best practices and recovery plans for COVID-19

Beehive is an SME for SMEs, and last week our senior management team came together in a webinar to deliver advice to other SMEs to help with decision making and business management at this time.


Meet the Credit Team – Fazl Sajid

We sat down with Fazl Sajid (Saj), Beehive’s Senior Credit Manager, to give us an insight into his role and how the credit assessment works.