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Beehive Investors

Beehive peer-to-peer finance platform welcomes more than 1,000 registrations in first 5 months

Dubai, 4 April 2015: Beehive, the UAE’s leading online marketplace for peer-to-peer finance announced it has reached a critical milestone where over 1,000 people have registered to become investors since its official launch in November 2014.

Pixel Bug Story

The pixelbug Story

Pixelbug is a global pioneer in augmented reality technology, providing technology driven marketing solutions. Established in Dubai in 2012, and founded by Dany­­­ El Eid, a seasoned tech entrepreneur, they have the objective of making the world a more interactive place by fusing the digital with the physical world.

UAE Economy

Peer-to-peer financing gaining momentum in the UAE economy

A panel discussion on this subject was held at Capital Club, Dubai’s premier private City Club and member of the ENSHAA group of companies, on March 9, 2015.

Peerless Idea

Peer-to-peer lending a peerless idea in the UAE

When Dany El Eid, a Lebanese-born entrepreneur, needed quick cash to fund his Dubai-based digital technology business Pixelbug he found the banks were offering him enormous rates of interest and a mountain of paperwork to get it.

Investor Perspective

Crowdfunding – The investor perspective…

As Business leaders, it is likely that you will think of crowdfunding in terms of raising investment for business, but have you ever thought of it as a way of investing your own money?

European Market

European market for online alternative finance surges

The European market for online alternative finance grew by 144 per cent last year to almost €3bn and could hit €7bn this year as companies look to tap new sources of capital, according to a new report.