Investor Testimonials

We’ve had some fantastic feedback from our valued clients. Here is just a selection of some of the reviews our business and investor community has provided.

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“Peer to peer lending is becoming a very important and attractive asset class. Investing on Beehive means that I have really benefited from the returns and diversification that it brings to my investment portfolio. I also enjoy that my money is invested in local companies, helping the business community of the UAE flourish.”

David Martinez de Lecea


“The Beehive platform offers a clear win-win: the opportunity to support the growth of SMEs, and the local economy, as well as achieving attractive returns in a low interest environment. I really like the functionality & transparency of the platform; it’s very convenient and easy to use.”

Jan Kraus


“Beehive is changing the face of personal investment in the Middle East. The platform provides the ultimate disruptive investment channel to the banks and opens up the world of Angel Investing to individuals for the first time. Not only does Beehive deliver unbeatable returns, it also allows you to place your money directly with local SMEs, who are using the funds to grow their business.”

Jon Barber


“I find the Beehive platform very straight forward to use. As I don’t have time to regularly check my account, the Diversification+ tool is ideal because it bids automatically on my behalf while spreading the risk.”

Edmond Husseini

“Beside the great rate achieved, the Beehive business model is clear and gives me control over which businesses I want to invest in. Beehive also allows me to invest in Sharia Compliant businesses which is an important factor for me.”


“I welcome the opportunity to invest some of my funds into sustainable SMEs like Enerwhere, as it means I can invest in companies that meet some of my personal values and investment criteria and it allows me the opportunity to invest in environmentally sound businesses which I found hard to do before.

It’s good to see companies from forward thinking industries such as renewables on Beehive as I wouldn’t normally be able to invest in these outside of their platform.” 

Anne Petersen

“Investing on the Beehive platform is a flexible and fast process. With features like Diversification plus, the risk is alleviated and I have the ability to support the many local SME businesses in the UAE, which is important to me and my business.” 

Steve Mayne

“Invoice Finance on Beehive enables me to invest into businesses on a short term basis, which means my money isn’t tied up for too long. It gives me good returns and helps me to further diversify my portfolio too. Compared to other international P2P platforms, I really appreciate that the Beehive team and platform has remained focused on matching retail investors with consistently higher quality businesses, that gives me confidence for the longer term.”

Gerard Foulkes

“Peer to Peer finance has offered me the opportunity to choose which business I invest in with the flexibility of choosing the duration and the amount. With the Diversification plus feature I have limited the risk and achieved attractive while returns while supporting the local SME economy in the UAE.”

John Martin St. Valery

“Whilst research shows that a key factor in economic recovery and growth is down to SME’s, many financial institutions make it tough or impossible for these businesses to obtain finance. As a Beehive investor I am supporting local businesses, helping the local economy and generating an excellent return for myself.”

Rob Day

“Peer-to-peer finance is a great concept and investing on Beehive has allowed me to earn attractive returns compared to conventional investment channels, with full control over my investments and establish a more diversified portfolio in terms of investment type and risk. It also feels good knowing that I am supporting SME growth in the UAE with my investments.” 

Patrick Rogers 

“With peer to peer finance already proven in the UK and the USA, this is a win/win for everyone. I get to choose which businesses to invest in, how much and for how long. Beehive gives me more attractive returns – and you actually feel like you’re helping a local business grow.” 

Mark Taylor

“The Beehive platform is really easy to use and I like the fact that I can choose exactly which local businesses I invest in. I’m very happy with my returns so far and it’s a good way to diversify my portfolio.”

Damian Hitchen