Beehive investors are currently earning 10% average ARR* with reinvested returns


registered investors

10% avg.

Business Finance returns*

0.8% monthly avg.

Invoice Finance returns*

Beehive peer to peer lending offers investors the opportunity to earn attractive returns by directly investing in strong, creditworthy businesses via our online platform. Peer to peer lending is a new asset class of alternative finance and one of the exciting new investment opportunities spawning from the fintech revolution. Registering on Beehive can open investors up to a world of fast, simple investing. with multiple benefits including 10% ARR avg. gross return and monthly payments. Investors can start investing from just AED100 into multiple businesses and quickly build a diversified portfolio.


Investing across Beehive means you can invest in the growth of UAE businesses and help the local economy. Join 7+k investors already registered on Beehive today and make your money work harder. Beehive is a DFSA regulated entity, giving investors additional peace of mind.

Investor Benefits

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10% avg. ARR

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Bids from just
AED 100

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Monthly payments

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Diversified risk

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Easy access to cash

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how it works

Investing on Beehive is easy. Once you’ve registered, you can find businesses looking for funding on our marketplace. You control how much you want to invest, the term and set your % return. You can also set up Diversification+ which means bids are placed automatically based on your specific investment criteria. Each business investment request is assigned a risk band to help guide investors which businesses to invest in. Read more about our risk rating guide here. All businesses on Beehive are thoroughly credit assessed. Find out more here.

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Choose a business on the marketplace

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Decide how much you want to invest

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Set your target rate of return

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Receive monthly repayments from your successful bids

Beehive platform features


The Marketplace lists all the businesses currently seeking investment on Beehive. Investors need to be logged in to view business finance opportunities. Businesses are assigned a risk band to help guide the investor. On the marketplace, investors can place a bid on any business they wish to invest in, deciding how much they invest and their target rate of return. The marketplace shows how long the auction has left to run and if your bid has been bumped by more competitive offers, meaning you will need to re-bid. If you have enabled Diversification+, a new, more competitive bid will be placed on your behalf.


Secondary Market allows investors the opportunity to access liquidity by transferring outstanding finance parts to other investors on Beehive. It enables investors to diversify their investment portfolio by accessing previously closed investment opportunities. It is also a great way for new investors on Beehive to quickly build a comprehensive and diversified portfolio.

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Diversification + thumb

Diversification+ (D+) is an auto-bid tool that automatically makes bids based on the risk and tenure criteria that you set. To view and set these parameters see the “Diversification+” tab on your dashboard. By using D+, you can ensure that spare funds are automatically bid within your pre-set risk parameters. This ensures you (i) diversify your portfolio; and (ii) place funds as efficiently as possible.

Sharia Stamp

Beehive for Islamic Investors

Beehive is the world’s first independently certified Sharia peer to peer finance platform.

On Beehive, Islamic investors can take full advantage of the opportunities that the marketplace has to offer while having complete confidence that their values are respected.

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Jon Barber - Beehive Investor

Beehive is changing the face of personal investment in the Middle East. The platform opens up the world of Angel Investing to individuals for the first time. Not only does Beehive deliver unbeatable returns, it also allows you to place your money directly with local SMEs, who are using the funds to grow their business.”


 Jon Barber,
Beehive Investor

 David Martinez de Lecea, Beehive Investor

“Peer-to-peer lending is becoming a very important and attractive asset class. Investing on Beehive means that I have really benefited from the returns and diversification that it brings to my investment portfolio. I also enjoy that my money is invested in local companies, helping the business community of the UAE flourish.”


 David Martinez de Lecea,
Beehive Investor


You could earn 0.8% avg. a month* with Invoice Finance

Invoice Finance refers to investors effectively buying into short term finance. It enables investors to get attractive monthly returns and build a diversified portfolio of established SMEs. Investors lend against outstanding invoices from credible customers, choosing the amount and rate at which they wish to finance against specific invoices.


If you’re an existing Beehive investor you can register for invoice finance in your account. You will need to set your investor parameters. Click here for more information.


Due to the nature of this product, invoice finance is only available for high net worth individuals, professional investors, family offices, corporates and asset based lenders.


To register for invoice finance, please contact the Beehive team at or

call +971 (0) 4 550 6700 (from 8.30am to 5.30 pm, Sunday – Thursday) and we will be happy to assist you.

Invoice Finance Benefits

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Great returns

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Short term lending

High Liquidity

High liquidity

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Diversify your portfolio

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Access to new asset class

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*based on average gross return.
The experienced credit team at Beehive rigorously assesses every application and only lists creditworthy, established businesses on the platform. Whilst we typically list established businesses, we may also list some early-stage businesses and lending to these may involve higher risks. You are lending to SMEs and need to be aware of the risk of default which could result in the loss of all or part of your investment. You may also experience delays in being repaid. As a lender, you should decide on your own risk parameters and diversify investments to limit risk. Find out more about our risk assessment here.
The risk band classification we provide on a business finance request is only a guideline and you will need to evaluate the creditworthiness of a Business. Read more here. The financing contract will be directly between you and the Business. Beehive is not party to the contract and you make bids and financing on Beehive entirely at your own risk. Any bid you place will be final and binding unless certain conditions are met as set out in paragraph 6.3.6 in the Terms and Conditions for Investors. If in doubt, you should seek independent financial advice before placing any bid. In the unlikely event that Beehive ceases to exist, lenders may lose part or all of their money, incur costs or experience delays in being repaid.