“Beehive met all our expectations,  fast and great rates.  What we love most is the support by more than 120 investors who trusted us.”

Dr. Sassan Dieter, CEO, GIT, Dubai

Fast, short term finance

Waiting for customers to pay outstanding invoices can negatively impact your company cash flow.

Beehive invoice finance is a fast, short term finance solution that enables you to receive cash advances within 24-48 hours against due invoices, providing fast access to funds to improve working capital and cash flow.


How does it work?

Beehive invoice finance directly connects businesses with investors willing to lend against their invoices across our online peer to peer platform. Invoice finance can be used on invoices that are due within 60 to 150 days and businesses can get up to 80% of the outstanding receivables. Funds can be received within 24-48 hours at rates starting from 0.8% per month.


Who is it for?

Invoice finance on Beehive is ideal for UAE based businesses that have been trading for a minimum of 12 months with a strong credit history.


Call our team to discuss your suitability for invoice finance on Beehive. Successful applicants will upload invoices to our platform where the Beehive investor community will offer you fast, low cost financing in real-time. Funds are typically transferred within 24-48 hours.


To find out more about Invoice Finance, call Beehive Investment Director, Gavin Kwas, on +971 (0) 52 522 0674 or email team@beehive.ae

Why choose Beehive


Improve your cash flow

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Funding in 24-48 hours

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Rates from 0.68% per month

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You decide which invoices you finance

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No upfront fees

How it works

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Contact Beehive to discuss your invoice finance suitability

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Send us your financial paperwork and invoices

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We review your application & give a decision in 48 hours

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Upload your invoices for investors to finance

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We transfer funds in 24-48 hours

Invoice Finance Eligibility

Find out if your business can apply for Invoice Finance on Beehive.


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