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Beehive is the first peer to peer lending platform to receive DFSA regulation

New regulation key to driving growth of fintech businesses in region


When is a blockchain not a blockchain?

Blockchain, or to use the wider term decentralised computing, could represent the next shift in computer systems thinking


Dubai solar company Enerwhere raises quick Dh1m via Beehive

Dubai-based solar company Enerwhere raised Dh1 million in less than a week via a crowdfunding platform tapping unconventional investors amid tight SME lending from local banks.

Beehive - connecting for growth

What do I need to know about how blockchain works? Iain McPhail, Beehive CTO

Well you probably don’t need to know how it works internally, that’s the block and the chain bit, in the same way that you probably don’t need to know how a relational database works internally.


Gulf News: A two-tier approach to anchor UAE as a fin-tech hub

Starting off, a light regulatory environment can help businesses find their feet

Beehive Connection with Investors and Businesses

The role of P2P lending in an investment portfolio

David Martínez de Lecea, a Beehive Investor shares his outlook on the advantages of P2P lending vs conventional finance