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February 27, 2024

Bluedot’s Journey: Bluedot, formerly Universal Medical Transfer Services, is a prominent Air Medical Transfer provider in the Middle East, known for its high standards and experienced team.


Origin and Challenges: Starting to fill a gap in air medical transfers, Bluedot faced challenges during the pandemic, securing funding, and building a specialised team.


Expansion Plans: With successful entry into Saudi Arabia, Bluedot aims to consolidate there and expand within the GCC, while exploring opportunities in North Africa and the CIS region.


Beehive Funding Success: Overcoming hurdles with traditional lenders, Bluedot turned to Beehive for crowdfunding, securing funds to acquire an aircraft, facilitating expansion. The CEO recommends Beehive for its unique model, competitive rates, and support services.

About Bluedot

Bluedot is the new brand name for Universal Medical Transfer Services, that has established itself as a leading provider of Air Medical Transfers in the Middle East, known for setting higher-than-industry standards with the quality of its services and the commitment of its highly experienced and trained aero-medical team. 

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Q&A with Nijil Ibrahimkutty

Founding Partner & CEO, Bluedot

How did the company start?

My time at the ground ambulance service company in UAE was an eye-opener. We constantly received requests for air medical transfers, but sadly, there were no reliable options within the UAE or even the GCC region. There were no registered service providers in UAE offering quality transfers with commercial flight stretchers, and no dedicated air ambulances were available on-call.

This critical gap fueled our team’s ambition. Leveraging our combined expertise in emergency medical transfers, a group of dedicated young doctors and management professionals decided to bridge this gap and Bluedot Air Ambulance Service was born, aiming to fulfil the urgent need for high-quality international patient transfers across the Middle East.

From all the challenges that a new business could encounter, what would you list as the top three?

1. Facing the Covid time 

The pandemic dealt a harsh blow to international travel, severely impacting our operations. We could overcome this difficult phase solely due to our incredible team’s unwavering support and dedication, with every member standing strong with us amidst adversity.

2. Funding for expansion  

Securing funding for our innovative international air medical transfer business proved to be a daunting task. As a fresh idea with a new business model, convincing traditional funding agencies of our scope and feasibility felt like an uphill battle.

3. Getting the right team members

Building a competent and passionate team is crucial for any business, but expertise in air medical transfer was an uncompromising requirement for us. We were not just seeking skilled professionals; for all the roles, whether operational, administration, sales, or management, we needed individuals driven by a passion for providing world-class, life-saving services to our clients. This meant prioritising quality over speed and waiting patiently to find the right individuals to take forward the expansion plans.

What are your business plans for the next 12 months?

After successfully entering the Saudi Arabian market in 2023, we’re now focused on consolidating our presence there while pursuing expansion within other GCC countries. Additionally, we’re actively exploring exciting opportunities for further growth in both North Africa and the CIS region.

What advice would you provide to someone who is considering turning their passion into a business idea?

While “Do it now” can be a motivating push, responsible advice for turning a passion into a business requires more nuance, which includes self-evaluation, validating your idea, developing a solid business plan, embracing the journey, and getting the right funding agency partner.


About the funding

How did you find Beehive?

Prior to connecting with Mr. Titto Davis from Beehive, our understanding of Beehive’s potential for our company remained at a general level. Through him, we gained a deeper appreciation for the multifaceted and significant impact it could have on our business trajectory.


What was it like before you used Beehive?

Traditional lenders struggled to grasp our unique business model, leading to expensive and arduous funding processes. On the other hand, Beehive operates like an investor truly believing in our potential and growth. Mr. Titto Davis from Beehive proved to be a game-changer for us. He recognised the transformative potential of our project and, most importantly, believed in our vision. His deep understanding and unwavering trust significantly smoothened our path, not just facilitating access to funding, but ultimately enabling us to turn our dream into reality.


How did you use the funds you raised on Beehive? What issue was resolved or improved by Beehive’s product?

The secured funding from Beehive primarily enabled us to acquire an aircraft on a long-term lease, facilitating our expansion into new markets and a wider customer base.


Why did you choose Beehive for funding? What features contributed to your decision to use Beehive?

The very concept of crowdfunding resonated with us. It’s like having countless small investors vet our idea, offering a unique form of validation, and building confidence within our team. Plus, Beehive’s competitive rates and comprehensive support services make them a truly attractive partner.


How did you find the process? How did it compare to other options such as bank loans?

The whole crowdfunding process was new to us. But Mr. Titto Davis and his team patiently walked us through each step, making the process incredibly smooth and efficient.


What advice would you give to business owners considering funding? Would you recommend Beehive to other businesses seeking finance?

I would definitely recommend Beehive to any new business owners looking for funding; in fact, I have referred Beehive to multiple entrepreneurs already, mainly because the Beehive’s crowdfunding model is open to a broader range of businesses, specifically new business ideas compared to traditional lenders.


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